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The following are the terms and conditions of the go!Miles Frequent Flier Program ("Program"). Participation in the Program will be governed by these terms and conditions. For more information, please contact go! customer service.


  1. Any person may apply for membership in the Program by on line application. Only one (1) membership is permitted per person and each application must be made in the name of one (1) person. Memberships cannot be held in the name of an entity (e.g., corporation, partnership, limited liability company, association or government entity), a group of individuals (e.g. a family) or an individual doing business as a commercial venture without the prior written approval of go!.
  2. An application for membership is a request to participate in the Program that is subject to the approval of go!. Approval or denial of an application is within the sole discretion of go!.
  3. There is presently no fee to join or for membership.

Earning Miles:

  1. Members may earn Flight Miles by taking a paid, regularly scheduled go! flight. A flight commences with departure from point of origin and ends at the final destination regardless of intervening stopovers (i.e. stopovers at connecting cities en route do not earn additional Flight Miles unless a separate ticket or fare is purchased and a separate check-in procedure is followed for the segments between connecting cities). Flight Miles will not be earned for travel on free tickets (including Ticket Awards), on travel industry, free or reduced tickets, on charter flight tickets, on consolidation tickets or on certain classes of tickets designated by go! as not eligible for Flight Miles. Some fares or tickets, including those sold over the Internet may, at go!'s discretion, be excluded from eligibility for Flight Miles. Flight miles are earned from the enrollment date into the go!Miles Frequent Flier Program; and retroactive miles prior to enrollment date are not permitted.
  2. go! reserves the right to establish additional means of accruing Flight Miles, to delete any or all of the means presently recognized, or to exclude specific types of tickets or transactions from the accumulation of Miles.
  3. Miles may be earned only for flights, hotel stays, car rentals or transactions actually taken or performed by the member after acceptance by go! of the membership application (i.e., retroactive Miles are not permitted).
  4. Miles earned by a member will be posted only to that member's go!Miles account. Miles may not be transferred by a member to any other person (including upon death, as a part of a domestic relations matter or otherwise by operation of law).
  5. Each member is responsible for ensuring that Miles are properly credited. A written request for missing Flight Miles will be processed up to one hundred eighty (180) days after the respective travel date (reflecting flights taken) provided it is accompanied by copies of the member's boarding pass stubs or ticket receipts. Members may access their go!Miles account via the internet at and logging into go!Miles account with their membership number.
  6. Awards available to be redeemed and the number of Miles necessary to redeem each Award will be set by go!. go! will establish the process for Award redemption, but redemption will basically mean the exchange of Miles in a member's go!Miles account for a specified Award.
  7. Awards consisting of services or goods provided by or through Participating Vendors may be subject to restrictions including capacity controls and "blackout" periods and Ticket Awards and Coupon Awards for use on go! flights may be subject to capacity controls. With regard to such Awards, go! will not be liable to the member who will look exclusively to the respective Participating Vendor for all matters relating to such services or goods.
  8. Upgrades, industry discounts, consolidation tickets and special promotional rates will not be allowed for or in connection with goods or services provided as Awards.

Ticket Awards:

  1. Tickets for travel on go! or any other carrier ("Ticket Awards") issued as Awards will be subject to the tariff, contract of carriage, ticket terms and re-accommodation policies of the carrier on which travel is scheduled. Ticket Awards will be valid only to destinations served both at the time of the issuance of the Ticket Award and at the time of departure for the respective flight, and neither go! nor other carriers will be liable for schedule changes that result in the cancellation of service to any destination.
  2. Ticket Awards for travel may be subject to non-refundable applicable departure taxes, federal inspection fees, passenger facility charges and other fees, charges or taxes, and the person utilizing the award is responsible for the payment of any such items that may apply.
  3. Any request to expedite the standard two (2) week processing / re-issue time for Ticket Awards for travel on carriers other than go! will be charged a service charge of Fifty U.S. Dollars ($50.00) per Ticket Award; provided however, go! will not be responsible to member in the event the Ticket Award is not issued on an expedited basis by a carrier other than go!.

Redeem Awards:

  1. To redeem your go!Miles awards, please call go! reservations toll free at (888)-IFLYGO2.
  2. A limited number of seats are allocated for go!Miles awards on each flight and destination. The number of seats per flight will vary.

Transfer of Awards:

  1. Awards cannot be transferred to any person or entity (including upon death, as part of a domestic relations matter or otherwise upon operation of law) except as expressly provided in the Program terms and conditions.
  2. At the request of a member, Awards may be issued in the name of another person, provided the member receives no payment or consideration from such other person. If an Award is to be issued in the name of another person, go! may require the member to execute a request for Award transfer in person at a go! ticketing location.

    Once issued, Ticket Awards for travel on go! within the State of Hawai'i may be transferred to a person for his or her personal use provided (a) the transferor receives no payment or consideration from such person and (b) the Ticket Award is presented to a go! ticketing location by the go!Miles account holder or Ticket Award holder prior to its expiration.

Changes to Ticket Awards:

  1. After a Ticket Award is issued, changes requested by the ticket award holder or member will not be permitted except as provided below.
  2. Changes on Ticket Awards will be allowed provided (a) the changes do not exceed the original expiration date of the Ticket Award and (b) a service fee of $25.00 is paid to go! for each change to an inter-island Ticket Award.
  3. Once the Ticket Award has been issued no refund of fees or taxes will be made. Unused Ticket Awards may be re-deposited back to each Member's account provided (a) the re-deposit is made before the original expiration of the Ticket Award and (b) a re-deposit fee of $25.00 is paid to go! for each inter-island Ticket Award.
  4. Miles and Awards have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or Miles or for goods or services (except for the goods or services expressly awarded in a valid, unexpired Award).
  5. The sale or barter of any Miles or Awards, other than by go!, is expressly prohibited. Any Miles or Awards transferred, assigned or sold in violation of the Program terms and conditions, in addition to exposing the member to penalties otherwise associated with violations, may be confiscated or cancelled. The use of Awards that have been acquired by purchase, barter or other conduct in violation of Program terms and conditions may result in the confiscation of the Award and denial of Award benefits (including denial of boarding with respect to the Ticket Award holder and at go!'s discretion, completion of the travel only upon payment of an applicable fare).

Expiration of Awards:

  1. Awards will expire one (1) year from date of issue ("Expiration Date"), and in the case of Awards provided by a Participating Vendor, on such earlier date as go!'s contract with such Participating Vendor for the provision of Awards expires.
  2. The expiration date of a wholly unused Ticket Award for travel on go!, or another carrier, expires one (1) year from the date of the original ticket issuance, and will not be extended. Expired Ticket Awards have no value and cannot be reissued nor miles be re-deposited into the member's account.
  3. Changes are allowed to Ticket Awards pursuant to the preceding sections

Lost, Stolen or Partially Used Awards:

  1. Lost, stolen or partially used Awards will not be replaced except as expressly provided in these Program terms and conditions.
  2. Ticket Awards for travel on go! that are lost or stolen prior to the travel date or on the travel date after commencement of travel will be replaced provided that (a) the loss or theft is immediately reported to the go!Miles Service Desk, (b) a Lost Ticket Application form and go! indemnification form is completed and signed by the Ticket Award holder at an go! ticket office and (c) a non-refundable service charge of Twenty-Five U.S. Dollars ($25.00) is paid to go!. In the event the original lost or stolen Ticket Award is used for travel on go!, go! may charge the person who signed the go! indemnification the published fare value of such lost or stolen Ticket Award.
  3. Ticket Awards for travel on carriers other than go! that are lost or stolen will not be replaced and a new ticket must be purchased to continue travel.
  4. No changes to Ticket Awards (including changes to passenger name or routing) will be made in connection with any replacement of a Ticket Award pursuant to the preceding three (3) sections.

Participating Vendors:

  1. The Program's Participating Vendors are airlines, rental car companies, hotels and other entities who offer goods or services as Awards and who, in some instances, permit the accrual of Miles to members who utilize their services.
  2. The Participating Vendors are independent entities, and go! is not responsible for the nature or quality of goods or services they provide, nor for any of their solicitation efforts. go! will have no liability for Participating Vendor withdrawals from the Program or for Award cancellations caused by Participating Vendor withdrawals, discontinued go! or Participating Vendor service, or Awards or Miles cancelled for any other reason. Participating Vendors may, in their discretion, change the number of Miles required for their Awards or impose other restrictions upon the use of their Awards.
  3. By participating in the Program, members understand and acknowledge that their names and addresses may be shared with some or all Participating Vendors and that they may receive promotional materials, mailings and e-mails from go! or its Participating Vendors.

Termination of Membership:

  1. Membership automatically terminates upon the death of the member and any Miles remaining in the member's go!Miles account automatically expire (i.e., cannot be redeemed or transferred)
  2. Any abuse of Program privileges, failure to follow these terms and conditions, conduct detrimental to the interest of go!, or misrepresentation of any information furnished to go! or Participating Vendors may subject the member to termination of membership, cancellation and, upon termination, all accrued Miles and outstanding Awards will automatically be deemed cancelled and void.

Changes to or Termination of Program:

  1. The Award structure is subject to modification, cancellation or limitation in go!'s discretion, with or without notice. The number of Miles required to redeem any Award may be substantially increased, any Award may be withdrawn, restrictions on any Award or its redemption may be imposed and the number of seats available to any destination may be limited at any time. The accumulation of Miles does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to any Awards or the Program.
  2. The Program has no predetermined termination date and will continue until go! elects to designate a termination date. go! reserves the right to terminate the Program without prior notice to members and upon such termination, all accrued Miles and outstanding Awards will automatically be deemed cancelled and void.

Miscellaneous Terms:

  1. The go! website and periodic publication of newsletters and brochures generally made available will constitute notice to members of revisions to Program terms and conditions and awards. Members are responsible for periodically reviewing and reacquainting themselves with the current Program terms and conditions.
  2. Any member who has not flown at least one (1) go! paid, regularly scheduled flight per quarter or earned bonus miles through participating vendors, may at go!'s option, be excluded from receiving newsletters, statements of account, correspondence or other materials, including notification of Program changes or special promotions.
  3. Determination of tax liability based on Awards or Miles is the sole responsibility of members.
  4. Members are responsible for advising the go!Miles Service Desk of any changes in address and telephone number. go! will not be responsible for misdirected mail or any consequence thereof.
  5. go! reserves the right to audit any member's go!Miles account at any time to determine compliance with Program terms and conditions without notice to the member. In the event an audit reveals discrepancies or possible violations, the processing of Award redemption requests may be delayed pending completion of the audit.
  6. If go! or any Participating Vendor improperly denies a member an accrual or benefit, liability will be limited to the equivalent of that accrual or benefit.
  7. go! has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Program terms and conditions.